2nd DUI in los angeles

Question: My boyfriend got his 2nd DUI in Los Angeles, CA a few months ago. His first DUI was in Van Nuys. Will Los Angeles Metropolitan court know about the DUI in Van Nuys? and he got a warrant for his arrest a few weeks ago because he didn’t pay the fines. He disappeared today and I have no idea how long he will be gone. What kind of jail is he looking at?
Answer; A lot of variables to consider. First, yes, expect metro court will be aware of the prior Van Nuys DUI. When you say he failed to pay fines, was that on his first offense DUI? Was he still on probation for the first DUI? The outstanding warrant doesn’t help things (particularly if it is a probation violation issue, and sounds like it is). If he misses his court date, that will certainly make matters worse. He needs to consult with an attorney in San Clemente before a bad situation gets worse. Plus, a good DUI attorney can help mitigate potential consequences. Call me to discuss further.