Can any Attorney represent my Petty Theft in Los Angeles?

Can any Attorney represent my Petty Theft in Los Angeles?

Question:  Hi there. I was arrested at bookstore where I go to school taking about $80 worth of books.  I was arrested for petty theft in Los Angeles and do not have any other petty theft convictions.  .Can any attorney represent me on a petty theft case?

I know petty theft is a pretty serious charge, but it seems that petty theft is one of the more common cases lawyers work on.  I am trying to find a good lawyer and I have a couple attorneys that were recommended from family members.  One is a family law attorney and the other is a  business litigation lawyer.

I was particularly wondering if any attorney can do a good  job defending a petty theft case  or should if I would be better off hiring an attorney who regularly handles petty theft charges?

Thank you for your time.  It is appreciated.

Answer:  It is a good idea to hire an attorney who practices in criminal defense regularly and has a lot of experience in this particular area of the law. I handle Criminal Defense and DUI Defense, and particularly regularly successfully represent clients charged with petty theft in Los Angeles, CA.

If someone called me looking for help with a business litigation matter, I would refer them to an attorney who focused their practice on business litigation area of the law as there are nuances in that area that I am not readily familiar with.  Similarly, defending cases in criminal court has it’s own nuances that a business litigation attorney may not be experienced with. Thus, I know business litigation attorneys who will refer people with criminal and DUI cases to me as they know I will do a good job defending them.

I would be happy to speak to you about your case in more detail if you would like.  Free consultation.  In the meantime, you can click on the following link for some general information about theft charges. Petty Theft

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